Big Shows New Wares and The Journey to the LP

Well it's been a little while since our last update but its mostly because we have been busy setting up some great surprises for all our Ghosties! First off, we are pleased to announce that recording and mixing are done for the full length album "Ghost Ocean" All that's left is mastering and releasing some of those long awaited singles! Second, we are honored and humbled to be playing with former Misfits front man Michale Graves at the Brighton Bar in Long Branch NJ on November 17th! This is huge because the Misfits played a big part in shaping our sound and this show is going to be insane! Finally we have some new merch coming your way as well! T-Shirts and new stickers will be available very soon so keep your eyes peeled. Thank you to everyone for all of the support!! We love you all and are ready to close out 2017 on a whole new level from what we started it on!